Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playing with Wire

Have you tried the Twist N Curl tool yet? If not, I highly recommend it. It's fast, fun, and meditative and there are so many fun things to make with it. I have the Twist N Curl mini-set, which includes two tools that make tiny little wire coils. Coiling wire with this tool is quite simple and Sara just offered up a great tutorial on her blog. Click here to see it.

I used 28-gauge Artistic Wire to make what I'm calling "triple beads" with the smaller of the two Twist N Curl tools in the set. I made the initial coil, strung it on wire, and coiled it again. Then I strung that coil on wire and coiled it again. Voila - triple beads! 

The wire colors black, dark blue, gun metal, and peacock blue happen to go really well with a bead from my friend Rashan of Jones Art Glass, so I strung them all up with some brass and black Czech glass rondelles, and now I have a funky new necklace - yaay!


Creative Stash said...

ooo great color combination ~ I love the asymmetrical focal bead too. fun!

Lorelei said...

That is a great necklace! I love it!

justme said...

oh no...i have one of these, but have never tried it. I happened to be goign through all my junk last night and found it and now you have inspired me to at least try it.

Jamie Hogsett said...

Thank you Kristen and Lorelei!

Cher - let's get together one night for some Twist N Curling. Hopefully I'll finish all my freelance projects someday and will finally have time to play again!