Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Miss Kennedy

Kennedy came and spent an afternoon with me a few days ago. It's so hard to believe she's already three. Her little baby face is no longer - little girl is growing up fast! I'm pretty sure she's three going on seventeen.

When she arrived, the first thing Kennedy wanted to do was play with Ginger. Unfortunately, since Ginger's not used to kids, the only thing she wanted to do was hide under the bed. So we watched Dora the Explorer and Finding Nemo and ate popcorn and put on more lip gloss than I ever thought possible and talked about how we wish the pool was open and...

Kennedy was adorable. She kept going to check on Ginger and eventually decided that if she couldn't play with the real kitty, she and I would pretend to be kitties. Here she is crawling on/through Ginger's furniture:

Kennedy with Ginger's tunnel on her head:

Kennedy's sweet photography skills:

And, finally, sticking out our tongues:
The tongues were Kennedy's idea. I'm not sure how it related to being a kitty, but it sure was fun. Thank you for coming to visit me Miss Thing! I'll let you know just as soon as the pool opens up.


justme said...

what would have been even more amusing is a picture of you in the kittie furniture. did you and dustin go see slumdog?

Softflexgirl said...

Very cute!