Sunday, February 1, 2009

From Kansas City, to Paris, to Tucson...

Sara just pointed out to me that it's been two weeks since I last blogged. Oops! Sorry Sara and Christine (who let me know a few times!). I haven't meant to neglect my post. I've just been busy.

Sara and her pretty smile demoing at the CHA show

Sara knows. She's been busy too, but she's much more dedicated than I. She always manages to check her email and post a blog when we're at a show. I prefer to curl up with a book and decompress for a bit after all of the hustle and bustle of a busy show. All of that demoing and talking just wears me out. Sara is doing her very best to convert me to her ways. And she's pretty determined!

Sara and I flew to Kansas City the Monday before last and made our way to EuroTool headquarters. It was great to meet their team and watching Sara present all of our products to them was an incredible learning experience. She knows so much.

We flew home that night and saw each other again just a few short days later when we met at the Orange County airport for the CHA show. After what was the oddest shuttle bus trip ever -- it was the Disneyland express and the driver was a complete character -- we met up with Mike, Scott, and Lisa for dinner.

My cousin Julie and her man Ali joined us and later they took me to Downtown Disney for some shopping in the Disney store. I found a belated Christmas present for Bead Boy and Julie and I got to catch up. Thank you for driving all that way Julie and Ali - you're the best!

The CHA show was pretty darn fun. There weren't a lot of beads at the show, it's mostly about scrapbooking, and that is just fine with me. Scrapbookers have such cool stuff! I saw Tim Holtz and Sara and I did a make-it-take-it with Cathie and Steve of Creative Juice.
I got to meet the superfun Crafy Chica and the lovely Heidi Swapp. I've been reading Heidi's blog for a couple of years now. She's personally responsible for the vast amount of scrapbooking supplies in my office. I got to speak with her for a quick minute and she was so sweet. She's the celebrity I was most excited about seeing.

Others, not so much. It seems that Paris Hilton is coming out with a line of craft kits. As fate would have it, her booth was RIGHT NEXT to our booth. For about three hours Sunday, our booth was blocked off by the hundreds of people crowding around to see Paris. I won't lie, I was excited to see her. She looked great and I'm told was as nice as can be. Sara posted more pictures of her here.

Sara and I each had our own demo table in the booth and had a chance to play with and create projects from the brand new Soft Flex Company products. I'm so excited that you can finally see these wires - they're so FUN. I've enjoyed creating with them for a few months now. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Now I must get back to prepping and packing for Tucson. I'm off tomorrow and will gone for just over a week. Getting ready is a big deal and pretty darn exciting. I can't wait to see all my bead world friends and I look forward to making new friends. I will do my very best to blog from warmth of Tucson, but, sorry, no promises... Have a great week!

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