Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Downtime at Bead and Button

Bead and Button was a great time this year! Here are some of the fun people I had the pleasure of hanging out with in Milwaukee when I wasn't in the Soft Flex booth at the show. Pictures of the goods that came home with me will come later (if the sun finally comes out enough to get decent pictures...)!

JoAnn and Paula (fellow Soft Flexers) at the Safe House:
Lindsay (Fusion Beads) and Barb Switzer at Water Buffalo:
Katie (Fusion Beads) and I at Water Buffalo:
Lewis Wilson and his Cousin Paula at the Miller Time Pub (where we indulged in cheese curds!):
Sara and Christopher (who is now the official "new kid" on the Soft Flex team. As the previous new kid, I'm happy to hand him the title!):
Sara and I at the Miller Time Pub:
Bead and Button is a great opportunity to catch up with some of the people that I only see a couple times a year. It was great to see so many of my beady friends and I wish I had pictures of all of them. Actually, due to the huge size of the show, there were lots of friends I never even got to see, so I'm thrilled that I got to spend a little bit of time with the people I did manage to run into. Plus I was blessed to meet a lot of new beady friends too!


Andrew Thornton said...

I didn't hardly get to see you at all! I think that the Fusion Girls have clones, because I spent a good chunk of time with them and still they got to see you and hang out with you and have fun with you. I am sad in my heart. I only got to see you for two minutes.... if that!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hey! I tagged you! Check my blog for the questions!

Jamie Hogsett said...

Andrew! Katie tried to call you when we were out, but couldn't get connected. I'm sad too. Quite sad. Dustin told me about your nasty allergies - glad to hear you're feeling better now.

Thanks Cynthia - I'll post it early next week.