Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Playing with Wire

A friend commented the other day, while looking at some new earrings, that she's never been a fan of colored wire in large doses. She likes to see an accent of colored wire in a piece, but doesn't care for jewelry made entirely of colored wire. She's a girl who knows what she wants!

These earrings were made with her in mind. I paired new brass pendants that my friends at Vintaj sent over (Thank you Jess!) with brass rounded loop ear wires. To connect the two brass components, 24-gauge Artistic Wire in Dark Blue was used to form a long wire wrapped link. I love how the subtle color of the wire seems to add more dimension to the embossed pendant pieces.

I can never seem to make just one pair of earrings at a time. So...I pulled out some lovely glass flowers from the sweet Michele Goldstein that I've been wanting to use for awhile now. The colors of the flowers are great, aren't they? To me, they're a little bit girly, but not TOO girly. I thought silver wire would push them over to the too girly side, so used 22-gauge Artistic Wire in Gun Metal to toughen up the look just a tad. Single links of etched oval brass wire were used to connect the wrapped flowers and the earwires. Hooray for new earrings!

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meesh said...

love the flower earrings jamie!

miss your smiling face!

see you in santa fe soon!