Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And two weeks pass by in a flash...

Well, hello there. I'm easing back into the daily routine after a lovely two weeks off. I find it quite easy to stay away from the computer and, it must be said, it was a very nice break. Too bad coming back to work doesn't come quite so easily.

My time off began Christmas eve with my dad, grandpa, and bro (who tries to beat me up if I try to take his picture). We had pizza and Jack Daniels and exchanged gifts and stories.
Dad gave Grandpa a Duck's Unlimited vest just like the one he was wearing. When I pulled out the camera he decided he needed to go put on his matching red plaid flannel for the photo op. Then they decided to add some props...
We didn't drink all of that handle that night, but we did enjoy a good amount of it. The Hogsett men love them some Tennessee whiskey and I'm more than willing to try and keep up. Grandpa has been giving me sips of his "tea" for as long as I can remember, so I'm fairly well conditioned!

It's always good to see my grandpa. He's a sweetheart and a ladies man. He's worn cowboy boots nearly every day of his life and he LOVES to dance. He and his friends go to dances at senior centers all over northern Colorado one to three times a week. He's a charmer, that Vern.

My dad is pretty sweet too! He owns a jewelry store and is always exhausted by Christmas eve, so it's nice to spend a quiet, relaxing evening with him. We missed having Julie with us - she went home to spend time with her new baby nephew and family - but it was still a good time. When the guys started flipping through gun magazines, I pulled out my beads and finished some last minute presents. It was perfect!

More stories to come, including some from my fun trip to Arizona where it was oh-so-delightfully warm. Happy New Year to you all! I hope you enjoyed some wonderful family time and I wish you all the best in 2009!

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Jean Campbell said...

Jamie--it's so cool to see snaps of your dad and grandpa! I didn't realize you had so much whoopass going on in your DNA. Explains a few things...yes, it does.