Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beads on Project Runway

While Tim Gunn was visiting Korto last night on Project Runway, there was brief mention of Korto's beadwork. As soon as I heard it, I went straight to Bravo's website to look for more details. I couldn't find any information about Korto's jewelry creations, but I did find some pictures.

The necklaces look pretty fabulous. I love that Korto chose big, chunky beads and such a beautiful color palette. I wonder how she created the pendant she wore during Tim's visit (assuming that she did). I wish I could zoom in and see the pieces up close. Luckily, Bravo will replay the episode about a billion times between now and next week's finale, so I'll keep my eyes open and my finger on the pause button.


Creative Stash said...

Love it. I really like Korto's aesthetics. Of all the project runway designers I would happily wear her fashion creations and jewelry designs!

RupaB said...

I'm so inspired by the first piece..that I cant wait to make my version!