Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hello rock-tober

With the calendar change this morning, I was treated to the Rockstar Kitty you see above. Hello Kitty's monthly costume change adds colorful inspiration to my studio wall and, because she rocks, HK has prompted me to think about a few other things that rock:

Project Runway. Everyone I know has watched Project Runway at least once. Even my brother, though he will never admit it. Tonight the designers compete for the final three. My predictions are Jerell, Korto, and Leann. I don't know who tonight's guest judge will be, but last week's was LL Cool J. He definitely rocks. Mmm.

October 1st. No doubt there are many reasons why the first day of October is special. For me, it has to do with a tradition passed along to me from my friend Rebecca. According to R, on October 1st you switch to your fall/winter set of linens. (You switch back to your spring/summer set on April 1st.) It's a small guilty pleasure and a good way to welcome the fall season. Apparently Ginger prefers the spring/summer set...

Beads. Of course beads are on this list. I love beads. I work with beads everyday in some form or another. Therefore, I even dream about beads. And, I write about beads. Amazingly enough, there are four (soon to be five) beading books with my name on them. I still pinch myself when I see my books in the bookstore! I'm grateful that I've had so many opportunities to build my career around beads. I'd like to share that gratitude with you, so check in tomorrow to see how you can win your own personalized copy of Create Jewelry: Stones.

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