Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten-four Good Buddies!

One of the many things I love about my dear friend Rebecca is her ability to throw a fabulous party. Last year she shared her birthday party with her fellow Libras and the term Luscious Libra was born.

Rebecca (looking lovely below during her first trip to Las Vegas) is the ultimate Luscious Libra. Her birthday is October 4th, but she'll never tell it like that. To Rebecca, and all who know her, her birthday is "ten-four good buddy!" See, she makes everything more fun!

Rebecca and I got together for birthday sushi last week and I gave her this bracelet. I wrapped aquamarine rondelles, a crystal bicone and a vintage Czech glass bead onto a natural brass filigree piece and topped off the two strands with a Bakelite button that I bought years ago in Seattle. Bracelets are always a little tricky unless you know the exact size of the recipient's wrist and I totally lucked out. It was such a treat to spend time with Rebecca, as always!

Two days later, I got to celebrate some more with Aslynn, another October 4th baby. Aslynn is my brother's girlfriend and I'm so enjoying getting to know her. She's smart and beautiful and, when she said she wanted a pedicure for her birthday, I was more than willing to tag along. There is nothing better than a Signature Pedi from Two Pairs! After the pampering, we met my mom for lunch at Bisetti's in Old Town. For desert, Aslynn got their homemade cheesecake...

... and, as usual, I got a cannoli. So yummy!

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justme said...

That bracelet is fantastic. i love it!