Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Playing with Wire

The Twist 'n' Curl is officially one of my favorite tools. Using it is like meditation. These 3-step beads really are easy as one, two, three. Well, four really, if you count stringing the crystals. They need to be strung first.

One: wrap 22 gauge wire around the Twist 'n' Curl for about 1/2", keeping the coils close together.
Two: wrap the wire back in the other direction, leaving space between coils.
Three: wrap the wire in the original direction, moving the crystals up and spacing them apart while wrapping.

Remove the bead from the tool, tuck in the wire ends, and the bead is finished. My beads were made with Powder Blue Artistic Wire and 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones in white opal champagne, aqua brandy, and rose brandy.

The 3-step beads have a great weight to them. When strung up with Pacific opal crystal rondelles, vintage flower spacers, and natural brass spacers and findings on antique brass beading wire, it makes up a rather pretty bracelet, don't you think?

The color scheme makes me think of a winter wonderland. Perhaps I was inspired by the fact that we're finally getting snow?! Yaay!


Creative Stash said...

This design is SO COOL! I love last Wed's wire post also. Fabulous creations, Jamie.

justme said...

i love this. i mean, love it

Jamie Hogsett said...

Thank you Kristen and Cherie! Wish we could all get together and have a beading play date. Kristen, maybe we can at the end of the year - it sounds like I'll be in your area. Cherie, you're practically my neighbor, so we should totally get together to bead soon.