Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Playing with Wire

Check out the colors of the new Econoflex craft and beading wire from Soft Flex - aren't they gorgeous?! The color names, from top to bottom, are: plum, cinnamon red, spring green, autumn brown, steel blue, midnight black, and snow white. Even the names are pretty.

These 30 foot spools arrived about the same time I brought my Christmas decorations home from my mom's basement. It's been two years since I've seen my holiday goodies and last night I was finally able to spend some time unpacking and displaying them. Imagine my delight when the wire colors perfectly matched several of my ornaments. And some of the ornaments still needed something from which to hang. I used 8 inch pieces of spring green and steel blue, secured with a crimp tube of course, to string up this sparkly Santa. He wouldn't stand up for a picture--too many cookies I guess--but he now hangs happily on my little tree. The wire really shines under the little lights and looks so much nicer than fishing line!

At the bottom of the tub of Christmas decor were three boxes of these jewel-toned ball ornaments. I'd forgotten all about them! From what I can remember, they were bought on clearance in 2006. When I found them at the bottom of the box, my tree was already pretty full. They're so small they would get lost among the really big ornaments anyway, so I mixed them all up and dropped handfuls of them into the glass vases on my fireplace mantel. The Econoflex colors go with the ornaments so well that I just had to add it to the display in some fashion, so I used 8 inch pieces of plum, cinnamon red, spring green, and steel blue to add a little something extra to them.

I tied a wire to each ball and used scissors to curl them like ribbon. It's difficult to tell from the picture, but the wire adds A LOT to the display. One vase down, seven to go! Plus, I'll be dreaming up lots of other ways to use this new product around the house...stay tuned!


Creative Stash said...

your ornaments are lovely! I too had too many for the tree this year so,I added them to a huge glass vase. I love all the hurricanes lined up and the wire does add some fun - looks wonderfully festive!

Sirenity said...

I was just researching/looking up kumihimo braiding and I found your blog which is ironic because I live in Ft. Collins lol
great jewelry!

Softflexgirl said...

This is a really neat idea. I could do this with my ornaments on the tree. Hmmmmm....

Jamie Hogsett said...

Thank you Kristen and Sara! Visitors to my place have all commented on the ornaments, so I'm happy people are noticing.

Sirenity - Fort Collins is the best! Have you seen Old Town with all the sparkling lights? Beautiful!