Tuesday, December 23, 2008

poor little peanut

Over the weekend Ginger's little chin swelled up something fierce and was covered with red welts. She scratched a few of them, and blood freaks me out, so she got to go to the Vet last night.

My poor little kitty has feline acne. Cat pimples are new to me, but apparently it's pretty common. The Vet needed to shave her chin to get a better look at things. Ginger tried to fight it, of course, and he slipped and cut off almost all the whiskers on one side of her face. Baby girl looks a little pathetic. She's still cute though.

The Vet said to put ointment on her chin every twelve hours. I have a nice deep two inch scratch on my wrist and lots of other little scrapes from my first attempt this morning, so it must sting pretty badly. Poor Ginger. All she wants to do is lounge in front of the fireplace and zits are messing up her big plans. We've all been there. Acne sucks.


Andrew Thornton said...

Acne does suck. Poor kitty. Maybe they make ProActiv for cats. You should ask Jessica Simpson or Alyssa Milano.

Jean said...

Dear Jamie:

I love our cat Cecil and I know how hard this is for you...Ginger is such a sweetie! Give her a hug and a kiss (when she is ready!) for me.

I miss you! Wish you would write! I need to catch up with you. You know how very much you mean to me!

Hope your holidays were wonderful!New Year's is going to rock for you! I sense this!


justme said...

awww, ginger is just going through puberty. that is so sad, but at least it's just kitty zits. she still is one cute kitty

Andrew Thornton said...

Hope you and the "poor little peanut" had a good holiday season.

Happy New Year! May it be filled with lots of love, laughter, and happiness and may it not be filled with acne, long-lines, or headaches of any kind.