Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Playing with Wire

Um, perhaps this post should be called "Shopping for Wire" instead? That's all I seem to have accomplished for this week. These beauties just arrived. Lots of pretty colors to help complete lots of new ideas. I love internet shopping.

So, yeah, I haven't made any new wire projects that I can share with you just yet, though I have been busy in my little workshop. You'll see some of them after Christmas--I can't have people seeing their gifts in advance now, can I?--and you'll see the others later on. For now, I must run a quick errand for more supplies and then it's back to crafting and creating, which are two of my favorite things.

Hope you're all staying warm!


Lorelei said...

These look so great. I'm getting geared up to try some new looks with colored wire here soon. Building up the courage. Where did you find so many different colors?

Jamie Hogsett said...

Hi Lorelei! You'll do amazing things with colored wire, for sure! I purchased all the colors from There are a ton more colors too - it was difficult for me to not get them all.