Monday, March 9, 2009

birthday sweets

I'm still on a sugar high from all of the delicious goodies I was treated to for my birthday! I met my mom, grandparents, aunts, and uncle for lunch at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants and the owners surprised me with this cute little critter for dessert. They cut the banana up and tempura fried the pieces, then put them back into the peel and covered it with whipped cream. It was yummy!

The weekend was filled with cakes and desserts from all the different gatherings and celebrations: specially made cupcakes from my cousin Judy, carrot cake cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, chocolate cake and flan at The Boulder Dinner Theater (we saw The Producers), and, my favorite, a fresh fruit pizza with a sugar cookie crust made especially for me by my lovely mom!

It was a fun-filled weekend, full of indulgence. What with all the sugar and the time change to daylight savings, it was a little difficult to get up and moving this morning. Oh, but it was so worth it. No matter how old I get, I'm always going to be like a little kid on my birthday! It's really much more fun that way.


Creative Stash said...

you are too cute! glad you had a very sweet birthday - love the critter and the fruit pizza sounds so good!

Lisa said...

Hello! Congrats on your magazine cover, it is an awesome piece and well deserved...!!

Jennifer said...

This looks delicious. Yummy! I may have to try my hand at making one!