Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Communique

Really, Mother Nature? A blizzard?!

I mean, I know I've had some crazy-awful spring fever, but is this really necessary? More than a foot of snow in less than twelve hours?

Luckily, I have these bright colors of wire to use in a new project design. They scream spring!

Ahh, that's better. The snow AND the beautiful blue sky - my favorite combination.

Now, can we just do something about the fact that it's twenty-eight degrees (F) outside? Fifty degrees tomorrow, you say? Excellent!!

While I wait for it to warm up, check out what some of my crew are up to (it's almost seventy degrees where they live - lucky ladies):

Sara Hardin (AKA SoftFlexGirl) thanks Jean Yates for reviewing the new
Soft Flex Extreme Wire.

Kristen Fagan WILL bring your vision to life and create a
custom wedding invitation package you are sure to treasure!

Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

PS - Come back for Monday's post, where I'll announce a new giveaway!


Softflexgirl said...

You were begging for snow, if I remember correctly. Might you be a "grass is greener on the other side sort"?

Lorelei said...

I'm so sorry you got that snow. UGH. I think I would cry right now if it snowed, and it's really quite possible especially in upstate NY.

Looking forward to the giveaway announcement!

Andrew Thornton said...

Ugh... snow. Luckily it's not snowing here. I don't like the snow. Bring on the Spring!