Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Playing with Wire

Last fall, Sara made some super cool bracelets with the knitting spool and the new Trios wire sets. Her technique on the knitting spool is different than the one I used last week and the resulting look is twisted and fun. Aren't they cool?!

Feeling the need to try Sara's technique, I used Purple Amethyst Soft Flex Wire and Champagne Extreme Flex Wire together. I still need to work on my tension, as what I did came out pretty loose, but I like the two colors together.

I worked a wrist length on the knitting spool using Sara's technique, then switched to the technique from last week and knitted a second wrist length. I folded the knitted piece in half and attached the folded end to the ring half of a toggle clasp. I placed all four wires from the other end and strung them through a cone, then attached the bar half of the clasp. Next, I connected the two different knits using 15mm jump rings and covered the jump rings with a violet filigree and a couple of bird connectors. It's like a big, funky wrist corsage and the birds and flower are perfect for the coming spring.


justme said...


mom is in love with your knitting spool creations. she wants to know if you'll teach her when you have time

Triz Designs said...

this is so cool!!! my knitting spool creations just don't work out!!! :-)

Creative Stash said...

really nice Jamie! I love seeing your beautiful creations - I have to say that i agree that this technique is really cool. The loose effect of the wire with the stiff filigree centerpiece is just perfect!

Softflexgirl said...

Yay! Keep on practicing so that you can be really good at demo-ing this technique at all upcoming bead shows. :)

Jamie Hogsett said...

Cherie, of course I'll teach your mom! She'll need to buy a knitting spool and some wire and we'll have a beading day.

Thank you Patrizia. Just keep practicing and I know you'll get it.

Thank you Kristen! To be perfectly honest, the filigree centerpiece is covering up a mistake I made in the knitting - d'oh. Luckily, it worked out.

Sara, you don't want me to do ALL the knitting spool demoing - you'll miss it too much! :)