Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Communique

Happy Friday, Happy Spring! Spring is a fabulous season and is always well-received. Really, who isn't ready for sunnier weather and new signs of life? I've been seeing crocuses and daffodils popping up in lots of random places and I love it! Obviously, I'm a fan of flowers though.

I made this necklace a few months back, as part of my current position as Designer of the Year for Beadwork Magazine. It's one of my very favorite pieces to date, and I'm proud to say that I'm not the only one who liked it. It was voted by Beadwork's Reader Advisory Panel (RAP) to be the cover piece for the April/May 2009 issue! Not only that, the RAP gave it twice as many votes as the runner-up (which I know to be an incredible piece). Thank you RAP members - I'd hug each and every one of you if I could. Here's my "Cover Girl" moment:

Oh, what's that next to my cover, you ask? Why, it's my brand new book! It's the fourth and final book in the Create Jewelry series by Marlene Blessing and myself and it's available now too. Awesome.

So, yaay for my new book. Yaay that I'm a cover girl. Yaay for new daffodils. Yaay for Spring. Even yaay for Ginger, who just brought me down from my cover-girl high by puking a few feet away. And, finally, yaay that Sephora is opening today.

While I'm shopping for new colors of eye-liner, please check out what some of my crew are up to:

Sara Hardin (AKA SoftFlexGirl) thanks Jean Yates for reviewing the new
Soft Flex Extreme Wire.

Kristen Fagan celebrated St. Patrick's Day by baking her great-grandmother's delicious Irish Soda Bread.

Have a lovely weekend! xoxo


justme said...

THIS is fantastic. You should be so proud of that piece, it's absolutely no wonder why you got accolades for it. that is beautiful

Creative Stash said...

Gorgeous, Jamie! Simply stunning. You have an awesome talent

Softflexgirl said...

A+++ You continue to A-maze me! :)